Slave Circuits

Computers to assist in piloting


Slave circuits are used to assist in the piloting of spacecraft by reducing the number of people needed to do the job. They come in two types, basic and advanced. Basic slave circuits cost 4000 credits and reduce the number of crew needed to operate a vehicle by 1/3. Advanced slave circuits cost 8000 credits and reduce the crew cost by 2/3. In either case the crew requirements can not be reduced below one person.

In addition advanced slave circuits can be fitted with a Beckoncall for an additional 2000 credits. Tied into a special comlink the Beckoncall allows the user to summon his vehicle to himself on autopilot. The ship will travel in the most direct route, but slowly and will avoid collision, stopping when it is as close to the comlink as it can get without collision.


Slave Circuits

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